Hands on History Project

The $50,000 Centenary of Federation funded project showcases the history of the Cranbourne township tracking its development from pre-Federation through to the present day.

A key component of the Hands on History project was the installation of art markers at key sites that are of historical significance to the township of Cranbourne. The three-dimensional art markers feature old photographic images along with a short story explaining the historical significance of the site. The project also incorporated a map highlighting the location of the art markers, an information kit and video titled ‘Cranbourne: A Town with a History’.

It is envisaged that the historic walk will be promoted as a tourist activity that will be used in conjunction with class notes for school groups.

The historic walk for Cranbourne will help to educate current residents about the origins of the community in which they now live, and will also increase tourism within the area, which, in turn, will benefit the local businesses of Cranbourne.

The Hands on History Steering Committee, made up of representatives from the Council, Cranbourne Shire Historical Society, Casey Cardinia Library Corporation, Cranbourne Community House and Merinda Park Community Centre have directed the project so far. Many community volunteers have also been involved in this process.

Download 'Cranbourne - A Town with a History'

Our kit on Cranbourne has been divided into the following sections:

Cover (105kb)

Introduction (149kb)

Community (436kb)

Families (253kb)

Religion (774kb)

Education (178kb)

Industry (334kb)

Military (268kb)

Recreation (223kb)

Environment (201kb)

Appendices (272kb)