Cultural Diversity

The City of Casey is one of the fastest growing regions in Australia with approximately 300,000 residents from more than 150 different cultural backgrounds.

What makes the City of Casey such a diverse, vibrant and multicultural city

  • Casey is home to the largest number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander residents in metropolitan Melbourne (1,400). For more information visit the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities in Casey webpage.
  • Casey has the fourth highest number of residents in Victoria from a Refugee or Asylum Seeker background.
  • The top five countries of birth of Casey residents (other than Australia) in 2011 were United Kingdom (11,500 people), India (10,300 people), Sri Lanka (7,600 people), New Zealand (6,000 people) and Afghanistan (4,400 people).
  • 26.7% of Casey residents were born in non-English speaking countries.
  • 27.9% of Casey residents speak English as a second language. Over 144 different languages are spoken.
  • More than 120 faiths are represented in Casey.
  • The top five faiths in Casey are Roman Catholic (70,700 people), Anglican (29,000 people), Islam (13,900 people), Buddhism (9,900 people) and Uniting Church (7,900 people). View our Multifaith Statement.