Volunteer Matcher

How Do I Use It?

Volunteer Matcher is an online program provided by the City of Casey for community members looking to donate their time, skills and energy as a volunteer, and for community groups,clubs and organisations (Not for profit) seeking volunteers for opportunities in and around Casey.

Volunteer Matcher  

To find out more about Volunteer Matcher, visit the Volunteer Matcher website.

Casey Volunteer Matching Program Disclaimer

The Casey Volunteer Matcher Program is an introduction service for individuals wishing to undertake unpaid volunteer work and for community organisations seeking individuals for such work. Not all of these individuals will be City of Casey Council volunteers.

The City of Casey does not provide insurance for, nor accept responsibility for police and / or working with children checks for prospective volunteers registered with the program.

Any disputes or grievances that may arise between registered individuals and organisations must be resolved by the individuals and organisations involved; the City of Casey takes no responsibility in settling such disputes.

The City of Casey monitors registrations and reserves the right to delete registrations containing false or misleading information.