Equipment and Aids

Access Solutions National Pty Ltd

Access Solutions National Pty Ltd has a range of their own products as well as a focus on developing innovative customised assistive products for people with a disability. ASN also evaluate products for businesses/organisations to ensure items are disability friendly.

Address: Suite 1 / 15 Castleridge Street, Narre Warren, VIC, 3805
Phone: 1300 668 985
Website: Access Solutions National

Australian Communication Exchange (ACE)

ACE helps empower deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired Australians by providing equal access to phone communication technology through services like the National Relay Service.

Phone: 07 3815 7600
TTY: 07 3815 7602
Fax: 07 3815 7601
Website: Australia Communication Exchange

Beyond Disability

Beyond Disability is a team of local volunteers who assist people who are physically disabled and housebound to connect with the world by using online technologies. Beyond Disability provides access to computer equipment and volunteer assistance.

Address: PO Box 1451, Pearcedale, VIC, 3912
Phone: 5978 5000
Website: Beyond Disability

Coastcare Medical Equipment and Sales

Coastcare provide a range of rehabilitation products to clients in hospitals, aged care, disability facilities and domestic situations. They assist clients to find the most appropriate equipment, offering personal delivery and installation service.

Address: 1 / 80 / 86 Enterprise Avenue Berwick, VIC, 3806
Phone: 9707 4955
Fax: 9707 4933
Website: Coastcare Medical Equipment


DoAblity supply a range of equipment for children and adults with a disability, to assist in daily living, therapy and recreation. Some items are also available for hire.

Address: 101 Munster Terrace, North Melbourne, VIC, 3051
Phone: 9376 4487
Fax: 9376 6071
Website: DoAbility

GMS Rehabilitation

GMS offer a wide range of products including top brands such as Pride Mobility, ROHO, Sunrise Medical and Ivacare.

Address: 48 Commercial Drive, Lynbrook, VIC, 3975
Phone: 1300 734 223
Website: GMS Rehabilitation

Hearing Dogs (Lions)

Hearing dogs support people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment by alerting them to a variety of sounds, e.g. doorbell, smoke alarm boiling kettle. This national service is hosted by Lions Australia.

Phone: 08 8388 7836
TTY: 08 8388 1297
Website: Hearing Dogs

Helping Hand is Here

There are many disability support services in Victoria, but finding each of them which support you, can be confusing and time consuming. Helping Hand is a comprehensive web based disability directory containing disability and support service links.

Contact: Michelle Jankovic
Phone: 9017 4649
Website: Helping Hand is Here
Facebook: Helping Hands is Here facebook page

Linds Rehabilitation Equipment

Linds provides a range of aids and other equipment for people with a disability.

Address: 58-62 Star Crescent, Hallam, VIC, 3803
Phone: 9796 3399
Fax: 9796 3313
Website: Linds Rehabilitation Equipment


MobiltyCare provides a wide range of disability, mobility and rehabilitation products and advice.

Address: 1 / 12 Marriot Street, Oakleigh, VIC, 3166
Phone: 9568 8383
Fax: 9568 5114
Website: Mobility Care

Solve Disability Solutions (formerly TADVIC)

Solve Disability Solutions (formerly TADVIC) is a not-for-profit organisation that makes and modifies equipment for people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met commercially. Volunteers design, make and modify equipment for people with disabilities, provided no commercial solution is available. 

Address: c/- Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre, Kew, VIC, 3101
Free call: 1300 663 243
Phone: 9853 8655
Fax: 9853 8098
Website: Solve Disability Solutions 

Statewide Equipment Program (SWEP)

SWEP assists eligible people to access subsidised aids, equipment and home modifications to enhance safety and independence.

Address: PO Box 1993, Bakery Hill, VIC, 3354
Phone: 1300 747 937 /  5333 8100
Fax: 5333 8111
Website: Statewide Equipment Program

Telstra Disability Hotline

Telstra installs devices for people with disabilities and provides information on the location of TTY public pays as well as a range of specialist equipment for people with visual impairment.

Free call: 1800 068 424
TTY: 1800 808 981
Fax: 1800 814 777
Website: Telstra Disability Hotline

Vision Australia

Vision Australia provides an extensive range of specialist equipment for people with a visual impairment.

Address: 454 Glenferrie Road, Kooyong, VIC, 3144
Phone: 1300 847 466
Fax: 1300 847 329
Website: Vision Australia

Windermere Child and Family Services

Windermere provides an array of emotional and practical support services, education, advice, counselling and other therapeutic interventions. Services include but are not limited to respite, equipment, continence supports, transport, medical costs, therapeutic interventions, home and vehicle modifications and assessments.

Address: 48 Webb Street, Narre Warren, VIC, 3805
Phone: 9705 3200
Fax: 9705 7650
Website: Windermere Child and Family Services   

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