World Hello Day

The simple message of ‘hello’ can be used to generate greater connections and communication between the communities of the world.

The City of Casey's 'Hello' postcards are available from Casey Customer Service Centres and various other locations, including libraries and Neighbourhood (Community) Houses.

Residents are encouraged to use these cards help get to know their neighbours. The word ‘Hello’ has been translated in various community languages to reflect Casey’s culturally diverse municipality and to promote communication and interaction in the community.

These cards can be used for a range of purposes and communication, such as:

  • Introducing yourself to a neighbour who you don’t know. 
  • Welcoming a new resident that has moved into your street.
  • Inviting people in your street to a special event.
  • Leaving a positive message to another resident eg ‘Your garden looks great – the hard work has paid off!

The postcards were developed for World Hello Day celebrations by the City of Casey. World Hello Day started in 1973, following the end of a conflict between Egypt and Israel. Since then, World Hello Day has been used as a day of opportunity for people around the world to promote world peace and it is celebrated in 180 countries.

For more details on Hello postcards and World Hello Day, please contact Council's Community Strengthening Officer at the City of Casey.

Click here for a list of greetings and other phrases in other languages from the Wikipedia website.