Quick Response Grants Successful Recipients

The City of Casey has approved funding for the following community groups/organisations in 2017/18:

Approval Date Group                    Purpose     Amount Funded  
July - August 2017 Bakhtar Cultural Association
A projector to assist with cultural awareness training and presentations
July - August 2017 Casey Philharmonic Orchestra
Venue hire for the inaugural concert
July - August 2017 Cranbourne Secondary College
Venue hire for the Australian Ballet workshops
July - August 2017
TaskForce Community Agency Venue hire for a support group
August - September 2017
Berwick Artists Society
Advertising and publicity costs for the Greatest Art Show
August - September 2017
Berwick Girl Guides
Bus hire and camping equipment
August - September 2017
Cranbourne Secondary College
College breakfast and lunch programs
August - September 2017
Fountain Gate Tennis Club
Junior competition uniforms
August - September 2017
Hallam Tennis Club Inc.
Open Day
August  - September 2017
Hampton Park Secondary College
Student Recognition program at annual presentation night
August - September 2017
Nossal High School
South East Feast
August - September 2017
NRL Victoria
Harmony Festival
August - September 2017
Turningpoint Lyndhurst Church
Room hire for English as a second language classes


In line with all Council grant programs, applicants are required to submit an application online. Please read the Quick Response Grant Policy before applying.

Apply for a 2017/18 Quick Response Grant.

Submissions close at 5.00 pm, 22 June 2018.