Community Grants Guidelines 2018/2019

The City of Casey provides Community Grants of up to $3,000 to assist local groups and organisations to provide programs and events that benefit the local community.

Purpose of this grant

Community Grants are to support innovative and high-quality projects and events that;

  • help Council achieve its Council Plan objectives
  • promote a sense of community and inclusion across Casey
  • help residents to be healthy, active and engaged in community life
  • encourage the development of locally led and delivered projects and activities
  • celebrate diversity and cultural heritage

Who can apply for Community Grants?

To apply for this grant, your group must:

  • be a registered (incorporated) not-for-profit club or community group or have the support of one (an auspice)
  • be based (meet or hold activities) in Casey
  • have public liability insurance of $10 million
  • be able to demonstrate significant support in the community for your organisation
  • develop a detailed project plan, highlighting the benefits of what you are proposing
  • create an itemised budget, detailing how you will spend the funds
  • submit your application and documentation online
  • have acquitted any previous grants you have received from us
  • have no outstanding funds owing to council

Who cannot apply for Community Grants?

  • Individuals
  • Government agencies at local, state or federal level
  • Businesses
  • Political parties or groups
  • Schools and Council managed kindergartens.

What we can fund

Examples of what you could use funding from this grant for include:

  • community events based in Casey open to all Casey residents
  • community programs for Casey
  • activities and services that will benefit Casey

What we cannot fund

We cannot accept applications for:

  • Events held outside the City of Casey.
  • Capital works including permanent structures or anything that increases the value of your facility.
  • Ongoing operational costs such as utilities (electricity, gas and water), staff wages, rent or insurance.
  • Funding that we have approved under another grant for the same program or event in the same financial year.
  • Anything that is already being funded elsewhere in government, such as kindergartens.
  • Programs that only advocate religion or faith.
  • Celebrations for individuals.
  • Social excursions such as a bus trip to Phillip Island.
  • Fundraising, other grants programs, prizes, awards or donations.
  • Activities that are due to happen (or have already happened) before we receive your application.
  • Activities that happen outside the current financial year.
  • More than one application from your group.

Any equipment you request must be essential to the program or event you are running. Council has an Equipment and Training Grant to help community groups buy other equipment.

Categories for funding

Your group can apply under one of these categories:

  • Arts and culture: promote, develop and encourage arts, cultural activity, and skill sharing in the community
  • Diversity and harmony: celebrate diversity and promote acceptance and inclusion in the community.
  • Health and wellbeing: help residents socialise and improve their physical and/or mental health through recreational and/or leisure activities.

How are successful grants decided?

Your application will be assessed on how well your it meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • how well the program/events fits with the purpose of the grants (stated at the top of this document).
  • how needed the program/event is within the community.
  • how involved the community is in all aspects of the program/event (eg. leaders, partners, participants and spectators).
  • the ability of your group or organisation to deliver the project described in the application.

If your application is successful

  • We will notify you by email.
  • In the email, we will include the Information for Community Grant Recipients document which will outline the conditions for your grant.
  • You will need to review our Grants and Contributions Policy.
  • If you have any outstanding payments to Council, you will need to clear these before we can pay the grant.

Tell us how your grant was used

After you have completed your project, you must tell us how you spent the grant money and what the outcomes of the project were. This is known as an acquittal process. You must complete the acquittal process online within 60 days of spending the money or by the 30 June 2019, whichever is earliest.

Auspice organisations

For groups with an auspice, funds are usually paid directly to the auspice organisation. This organisation is responsible for ensuring the funds are spent in accordance with the application and any special conditions Council may require. Auspice organisations must know about your application before you apply.


You may need to complete an Event Approval Application if your event involves:

  • temporary structures
  • road or public car park closures
  • fireworks
  • alcohol

We will need to receive this form before we can pay your grants funds.

If your application is unsuccessful

An email will be sent to unsuccessful groups explaining why the application was not successful.  Groups are encouraged to make another application in future, provided that the group is eligible.


  • 26 March 2018 - Applications open
  • 27 March 2018 - Information sessions (day time and evening)
  • 5.00 pm Friday 27 April 2018 - Applications close. An automated acknowledgement email is sent to the applicant as soon as the application is submitted.
  • May – June 2018 - Applications are processed to determine eligibility. Community panel meetings take place to assess applications.
  • July 2018 - Council meeting for formal consideration of the community panel’s recommendations.
  • End of July 2018 - Applicants are notified of the outcome of their application.

How do I apply?

Applications must be submitted online and include additional information as specified. The online application form will be available from 26 March 2018. Access to the internet and an email address will be required. The application must be submitted by the due date.  Late or incomplete applications will be not considered.

Further information

Community Grants Officers are available to answer questions about how to apply, the grant criteria and general queries. They can be contacted on 9705 5200 or email:

Privacy Statement

Your personal information will be handled in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and used for the specified purpose. You can access your personal information by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer on 9705 5200.