Starting Kindergarten

Starting Kindergarten

All children are eligible to access a funded kindergarten program in the year before school.

For children born between the 1 January and 30 April

Children born between the 1 January and 30 April have the option of commencing school the year they turn five or the following year. Therefore children can commence kindergarten in the year they turn four or the year they turn five.

The Department of Education and Training advises families with children who are born between the 1 January and 30 April to choose carefully, as children are only funded for one year of kindergarten before they start school (unless they are eligible for Early Start Kindergarten or eligible for a second year of funded kindergarten).

Families must decide which year their child will attend a funded kindergarten program prior to their child commencing kindergarten.

Maternal Child and Health nurses, Early Childhood educators, Prep teachers, Preschool Field Officers and other professionals involved in supporting the development of the child can support families making a decision about what year their child will start kindergarten.

Starting Kindergarten Support Request Form (207kb)