About Preschool Field Officers (PSFOs)

Preschool Field Officer’s (PSFOs) Support children in a funded kindergarten program. The aim is to assist educators to build their confidence, knowledge and skills to provide an inclusive environment for all children.

PSFOs provide a range of support including:

  • discussions about children’s learning and development
  • program strategies
  • identification of referral pathways
  • program resources
  • educator mentoring

What to expect from a Preschool Field Officers

  1. PSFO Referral completed by parents and educators. Once an educator has submitted a referral, the PSFO will contact you to arrange an observational visit.
  2. Observational visit occurs within the kindergarten environment taking approximately two hours. The child’s capabilities as well as their learning and developmental needs will be observed. This will allow time for discussions to be held with the educators.
  3. A Meeting including the family, educator and PSFO will be offered, allowing everyone an opportunity to share knowledge and strategies about your child.
  4. Referral pathways for additional support services may also be discussed .

Children with additional needs

Many children require extra support so they can participate in children’s services programs. Children’s needs can include learning and language difficulties, developmental delays, behavioural issues, giftedness, intellectual and physical disabilities. This may include children from culturally linguistic and diverse backgrounds and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Inclusive Kindergarten Programs

Preschool Field Officers ensure all children participate in an inclusive kindergarten program. An inclusive kindergarten program is one that:

  • allows all children genuine opportunities to contribute to and be included in the group
  • takes the differing abilities of children into account in program planning and implementation
  • fosters the development of emotional well-being, and
  • embraces and demonstrates acceptance of diversity.

If your child attends a State Government funded kindergarten program, a Preschool Field Officer can provide support to your family. Preschool Field Officers provide support in all City of Casey kindergartens and in child care centres where a funded kindergarten operates.

The City of Casey Child youth and family department aim to improve the health and wellbeing of all children in Casey from pregnancy through to twelve years and their families.

How to access the service

Speak to the staff at the kindergarten that your child attends. Together you may decide that your child would benefit from additional support. You can also contact a Preschool Field Officer.

Support Request Form with Flyer (424kb)