Kindergarten is an important first step for children into the wider social and educational world.

About our kindergartens

Kindergarten is an important step in your child's growth. Council manages 47 kindergartens in Casey. Our kindergartens are led by early childhood professionals who use the most up-to-date research to ensure your child gets the most out of their year at kindergarten.

When your child can begin kindergarten

Your child must be at least 4 years of age on 30 April in the year which they attend kindergarten.

Find a kindergarten

The kindergartens that are managed by the City of Casey follow a child centred philosophy that values trust, respect and communication as vital components of the program.

Kindergarten fees

You must pay term fees for your child to attend a kindergarten. There are also a few other kindergarten fees you should be aware of. Some families may be eligible for a government subsidy to make the fees more manageable.

Register your child for 4-year-old kindergarten

You can register your child for 4-year-old kindergarten any time after they are born. You can nominate up to 5 kindergartens you would like to attend.

Update your child's kindergarten registration

You can keep your kindergarten registration details up to date at any time. You must update your details if you've changed address, contact details or the kindergarten you want to send your child to.

Kindergarten offering process

After you receive an offer for a kindergarten place, you can accept, accept and wait, decline or cancel the offer.

Choose your kindergarten session

You are eligible for 15 hours of kindergarten per week. This will be spread out over 3 days. After you have accepted your offer, you can choose what days you would prefer your child to attend kindergarten.

Submit your child's confidential record form package

Before your child can attend kindergarten, there are some important documents you must provide. These documents help us understand about their health, your family situation and what we need to do in case of any emergency.

Your child's kindergarten year

We have designed our kindergarten program to maximise your child's learning. We aim to support your child in developing social relationships, communication, respect for one another and the world around them. Parents are always welcome to get involved in the kindergarten with your child's educators.

Get extra help for your child at kindergarten

A Preschool Field Officer (PSFO) can provide extra support for your child at kindergarten.