City of Casey Family Day Care Philosophy

Philosophy / Principles

The City of Casey Family Day Care Service offers flexible care that is inclusive of all families in the community.

We believe that there is a strong partnership between all stakeholders - children, families, FDC Educator, coordination unit and professionals. We will all work together for children to become successful, active participants who are respected in the wider community.

That there is a mutual respect of each others culture, needs and abilities. The uniqueness of each family and their child is included in the FDC learning environment through a positive relationship of honesty and trust.

Children should be supported in a learning environment through play that acknowledges the child’s individual learning styles.

That children have the opportunity to develop their skills through positive relationships and have the time to explore and challenge the environment around them to achieve their maximum potential.

That the FDC home is an environment that inspires curiosity to explore, discover and offer intentional teaching through a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences which are child initiated and adult supported.

That FDC Educators and Coordination Unit staff have an understanding of legislation requirements while being committed to reflecting on the services practices to provide a quality and affordable service for families.