How to enrol my child for Family Day Care?

The following information will help you with your enrolment for Family Day Care.

  1. Complete the Child's Confidential Record (one per child) and submit via email. Please ensure all required information and/or attachments are included.
  2. Once the form has been received, a staff member will telephone you within one working day to confirm your care request.
  3. If a vacancy is available, you will be given a choice of up to three educators who have been identified as meeting your needs. Once you have met the educator of your choice, confirm with the co-ordination unit on 9705 5200 or via email

Further information

If your child has Asthma or Anaphylaxis please download the appropriate form and get you doctor to sign before attending your interview. 

Asthma care plan for education and care services - Asthma Australia website

Anaphylaxis Action Plan - ASCIA website