Fee Schedule for Family Day Care

Child Care Benefit

The Child Care Benefit (CCB) is a payment made by the Commonwealth Government to assist families with the cost of quality care. To register for Child Care Benefit you need to contact the Family Assistance office on 136 150.

Note: If parent payment is not made at the end of each week, care may cease until debt is paid.

Booked Care Casual Care Public Holiday Service Fee (retained by co-ordination unit)

Standard Hours

7.30 am - 5.30 pm
Monday to Friday
$8.10 per hour

Standard Hours 

7.30 am - 5.30 pm
Monday to Friday
$8.40 per hour

All care provided on a
public holiday 

= $14.60 per hour

Hourly rate includes a service fee of $1.40

Non Standard Hours

All hours before 7.30 am and
after 5.30 pm Monday to Friday

Plus Weekend hours
= $10.60 per hour

Non Standard Hours

5.30 pm - 7.30 am
Monday to Friday

= $10.60 per hour


There is a minimum booking of hours per day (excludes casual care) - five hours for non school children and two hours for school children.

Meals / Travel

  • Breakfast = $4.00
  • Lunch = $4.00
  • Dinner = $5.00
  • Snacks = $3.00 (Each) -- Max. 2 per day
  • Travel is calculated each day $3.20 every 5 km. Travel to school and kindergarten is charged only on one child per family if all attend the same venue.

Communication Fee - (booked care only)

Failure to notify the educator of any changes prior to 15 minutes of the booked time may attract a penalty rate of $5.00.

Note: - CCB is not paid on the penalty rate.

Formula for calculation

Non-School Children School Children
Non Standard hours and Standard hours up to 37.5 hours

$5.7333 x Hours x CCB %

Non Standard hours and Standard hours up to 37.5 hours

$5.7333 x Hours x CCB % x 85%

Standard hours over 37.5 hours

$215.00 x CCB%

Standard Hours over 37.5 hrs

$215.00 x CCB% x 85%

Shared care
$215.00 x CCB% divided by total hours (both educators x individual hours)
Shared care
$215.00 x CCB% x 85% divided by total hours (both educators x individual hours)

Clarification of Absences and Holding Fees

  • All absences are charged at the normal rate and CCB is paid for 42 allowable absences, across all services per financial year (which includes public holidays, illness, curriculum day etc).
  • CCB cannot be claimed for absences taken for more than 6 consecutive weeks.
  • When a family goes on leave, fees need to be paid and attendance records signed in advance.

School Children Holidays

Children in care during term - If school holiday care has been booked and then not required, educators will need to be notified one week prior to the school holidays. Holding fees will then be applicable on the term booked hours. If less than one week notice is given, long day hours will be charged.

If school holiday care is required (long day hours) and a public holiday falls in that time – a holding fee on those ‘long day hours’ is charged.

If families ONLY book school holidays - 4 weeks’ notice needs to be given or holding fees will be charged.

Note: Please ensure a ‘Booked and Contracted Hours’ form is completed prior to any care commencing and both parties are accepting of the booking arrangements. Also, please be aware that school children can only access 85% of the CCB entitlement on all charges (as directed by Department of Human Services).

Back Up Care

If back up care is offered to families, a ‘Backup Care Agreed’ form needs to be completed with the backu educator prior to care commencing. The booking arrangement will be based on the days that are required as per written agreement. Once this booking has been made, if a child is absent, a holding fee will then be applied to that absent booked day. This agreement will exclude public holidays.

Childcare Benefit can only be paid towards one educator at one time. Therefore if you are required to return to your ‘normally booked’ educator at a specific date but remain at the back up FDC Educator (or return earlier than arranged) – a full fee will be applied to one FDC Educator’s fees (No Childcare Benefit).

Termination of Care

Either parent or educator must give one week’s notice.

** Note:  CCB/CCR cannot be claimed for holding feees ending with an absence.

Availability of educator

If the educator is unavailable to provide the care – no fee is charged

Fee Schedule - effective from 3 July 2017 (358kb)