How do I become a Family Day Care Educator?

Things to consider prior to becoming a Family Day Care Educator

Family Day Care can be extremely satisfying and enjoyable, however, it’s important that you are aware that Family Day Care will have an impact on the family home.

  • How will your family feel about you caring for other people’s children?
  • If your partner is on shift work and trying to sleep, will the noise disturb him/her?
  • Will your family’s routine be disturbed if dinner is late?
  • You may need to keep some of your own children’s toys separate and ask how they feel about sharing their toys and their bedrooms.
  • If you have teenage children, how will they feel with younger children in the home? Will the children disturb their studies?
  • Entertainment and language needs to be appropriate for a professional childcare environment (G or C Rated).
  • Will you and your family members be able to maintain the safety standard while children are in care?
  • Are you able to discuss difficult situations with parents? Such as concerns about their child’s development, or a disagreement regarding payment of fees.
  • There is a requirement of paperwork that will need to be completed on a regular basis. Are you able to be organised to maintain and complete what is required?
  • Are you able to stay with young children for long hours and still be able to give them the patience, affection, security, stimulation and protection they need?
  • Are you able to work in partnership with parents?
  • Do you have a warm family life that would give children the feeling they are welcome, secure and cared for?
  • Caring for children can be hard work, physically and emotionally.
  • Can I handle accidents and emergencies calmly in a professional manner.
  • Would you and your family be able to ensure a smoke and alcohol free environment while children are in your care?
  • Can you communicate effectively and honestly with parents/guardians of children to share important information?

If you would like to be a part of the City of Casey Family Day Care service as a FDC Educator please contact us on 9705 5200.