Starting a business

Whether you're a seasoned business veteran or a first-time entrepreneur, starting a new business can be an exciting but daunting challenge.   So whether you have a great idea for a business or are looking to take over an existing operation, having accurate information about your business obligations, industry, market and finances is vital to building a successful venture.  Here is a step by step guide to help you further.


Before You Start

  • Consider the pros and cons of being a business owner through this overview of business types, useful statistics, strategies for success and common pitfalls when starting a business.

Business Name and Structure

  • Access to an interactive guide to help you make the best decisions for naming and registering your new business. Also covers sole traders, partnerships, companies, cooperatives and incorporated associations.

Business and Marketing Plans

  • Use these business and marketing plan templates to develop a business plan that will help you understand your product or service, competitors, market and financial needs.

Costs for Starting a Business

  • Start-up cost is the initial cash you will need to start up your business. Use the start-up cost template to calculate the total start-up cost of starting your business.

Licences and Business Registrations

  • No matter what your business, you need to meet the legal requirements set by local, state and federal government in Australia. Making your way through the 'red tape' of regulations can be time consuming, but there are ways to streamline the process.


  • Smart insurance decisions are vital to business success. The following pages outline some of the insurance issues facing business starters. No matter what your circumstances, make sure you consult professional insurance brokers or advisors who can help you decide the best approach for insuring your business.

Buy a Business

  • Buying a business presents unique opportunities and challenges. This section includes the pros and cons of buying a business, finding out if you're cut out for running a business, how to value a business, what 'warning signs' you should look out for, and the various legal and statutory obligations surrounding a transfer of ownership.

Start a Franchise

  • If you want to run your own business but benefit from the security and experience of a large organisation, then a franchise could be for you.

Workshops and Seminars

  • The City of Casey's Economic Development Department work in conjunction with Small Business Victoria to hold workshops and seminars which cover all aspects of business from starting up to financial management, employing people, marketing and even closing a business.   


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