Food premises specifications

The City of Casey’s Food Premises Specification aims to assist proprietors in designing a food establishment that meets the legislative provisions of the Food Act 1984 and the Food Standards Code.

A well designed food establishment assists in the safe and efficient preparation of food and promotion of a wholesome food image to the public.

Under the Food Act 1984 all proprietors must ensure that food sold at their businesses is safe and suitable for human consumption. To ensure that food is safe, wholesome and free from adulteration, the Food Act 1984 requires all food businesses to have an adequate Food Safety Program before they may be registered.

Food Premises Specifications (732kb)

Home Based Food Premises Guidelines

Residents wishing to establish a food business operating from a domestic home premises are required under the Food Act 1984 to register that business with the City of Casey. 

The home based food business guidelines provide information and guidance around business classifications, structural requirements, operational requirements and general considerations when wanting to establish a food business from home.

Home Based Food Premises Guidelines 2014 (76kb)