New Residential Zones

New Residential Zones in Casey

The Minister for Planning introduced reformed planning scheme zones for Victoria (gazetted on 15 July 2013).  The reformed zones included three new residential zones and amendments to the existing Township Zone and Low Density Residential Zone.

The zones were reformed to provide greater clarity about the type of development that can be expected in any residential area.

The existing Residential 1 Zone, Residential 2 Zone and Residential 3 Zone are to be replaced by three new residential zones:

  • the new Residential Growth Zone (RGZ) enables new housing growth and diversity;
  • the new General Residential Zone (GRZ) enables moderate housing growth and diversity while respecting urban character; and
  • the new Neighbourhood Residential Zone (NRZ) restricts housing growth in areas identified for urban preservation.

All councils have until 1 July 2014 to introduce the new residential zones into their local planning schemes.  Where councils have not finalised an amendment to implement the new residential zones by 1 July 2014, the General Residential Zone will be implemented to replace all land zoned Residential 1, 2 and 3.

At its meeting of 15 April 2014, Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to prepare, adopt and approve Amendment C195 to the Casey Planning Scheme. Council has recently prepared proposed Amendment C195 to the Casey Planning Scheme.

Amendment C195 is for the implementation of the reformed residential zones into the Casey Planning Scheme. The existing Residential 1 Zone, which applies to the majority of residential land in the municipality, will be rezoned to the new General Residential Zone and the existing Residential 2 Zone will be rezoned to the new Residential Growth Zone.

Amendment C195 - Explanatory Report (22kb)

Amendment-C195-Maps-New-Residential-Zones.pdf (4mb)

General Residential Zone

The majority of Casey’s residential land is within the Residential 1 Zone, and therefore the amendment will seek to convert land in the Residential 1 Zone land to the new General Residential Zone.

Residential Growth Zone

In addition, Council will also seek a ministerial amendment to convert all existing Residential 2 Zone land to the new Residential Growth Zone.

The existing Residential 2 Zone applies to two areas of land in the Fountain Gate-Narre Warren CBD Structure Plan area. 

It is also noted that the Residential Growth Zone was recently applied to the former Doveton Secondary College site at Box Street, Doveton.

Low Density Residential Zone

The existing Low Density Residential Zone (LDRZ) applies to larger residential allotments throughout Casey, sometimes referred to as “lifestyle” properties.

The reformed zone currently has a minimum subdivision size of 0.4 hectare (1 acre).  The Minister has approved this reformed zone on an interim basis, to allow time for Casey to undertake further strategic work.

In the future the minimum subdivision size for lots in this zone may be reduced to 0.2 hectare (1/2 acre) where land is connected to reticulated sewer.  

Council’s Strategic Development Department has embarked on a review of all land covered by the Low Density Residential Zone.  The first task will be to understand the existing physical, environmental and socio-demographic profiles of all the low density residential precincts.  This will include the availability and capacity of servicing infrastructure such as sewers, and the potential impacts of increased densities on local road connections and landscape character.

Following the collation of this technical data, officers will then form a ‘Position Statement’ for the preferred subdivision requirements for each of the precincts.  It is anticipated that the draft Position Statements will be prepared by June 2014.  Council will then approach the Minister for Planning about the preferred subdivision requirements, which may result in a formal amendment to the Casey Planning Scheme controls. 

All affected landowners will be contacted directly if and when any formal amendments to the Casey Planning Scheme are proposed.

As the review has just commenced it is not possible to respond to enquiries about the future subdivision potential of individual properties at this stage.  However, landowners with an interest in this review may make preliminary submissions.  These will be recorded and addressed at a later stage, once the initial land assessments have been undertaken.



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