Housing diversity and affordability is a significant issue in the City of Casey that affects a wide range of people in different ways, from mortgage deposits and interest rates, through to being able to find a safe place to sleep at night.

Everyone has a right to access safe, secure and affordable housing. The City of Casey believes that everyone in the community has the right to be housed with respect and dignity and has been advocating on behalf of the community for some time to improve housing affordability.

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It is estimated that an additional 150,000 new residents will call Casey home from now until 2031. There will also be a change in demographics during this period, with an aging of the population, and a trend towards fewer people in each household.

Council is developing a new Housing Strategy and wants to hear your ideas on how we can meet Casey's future housing needs.  Your ideas about the types of houses you want to live in and where they could be located will help us identify and plan for housing in Casey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Housing Diversity

The City of Casey has prepared a Housing Diversity Statement to include objectives to improve and increase the supply of shared housing and crisis accommodation in Casey. The purpose of the review is to encourage safe and secure housing options for Casey’s residents.

Rooming Houses

The City of Casey has prepared a draft Rooming House Strategy and a draft Shared Accommodation Policy to be incorporated within the Casey Planning Scheme.

Rooming Houses have increased in Casey in recent years due to the declining availability of private rental housing. The draft Rooming House Strategy and draft Shared Accommodation Policy will seek to develop objectives about preferred locations, sizes and design of rooming houses in Casey to be used when assessing planning permit applications for rooming houses. Council is also responsible for enforcing planning, building and health requirements for rooming houses and will be considering its statutory role regarding rooming houses across these disciplines.

In March 2012, Council endorsed the Rooming House Key Issues Paper that will inform the Rooming House Policy.

The draft Shared Accommodation Policy and draft Rooming House Strategy were exhibited through Amendment C165 to the Casey Planning Scheme in September-November 2013. Public submissions to Amendment C165 are currently being assessed by an Independent Planning Panel appointed by the Minister for Planning.

Rooming House Strategy (615kb)

Shared Accommodation Policy (48kb)

Rooming House Key Issues Paper (6mb)

Contact details

For any queries regarding the above information please contact the City Planning Department on 9705 5200 or cityplanning@casey.vic.gov.au