Cranbourne West Precinct Structure Plan

Quick Facts

  • Area covered by the Precinct Structure Plan - approximately 783 ha
  • Estimated number of dwellings - 4,477 homes
  • Estimated future population - 12,560 people
  • Estimated number of local jobs - up to 16,762 jobs

Where is it?

The Cranbourne West growth area is generally bounded by Thompsons Road to the north, Western Port Highway to the west, Ballarto Road Reserve and the Ranfurlie Golf Club in the south and Evans Road and Cranbourne-Frankston Road in the east.

What is the vision?

The Cranbourne West Precinct Structure Plan identifies a vision for the precinct to produce an integrated living and working environment that fosters a diverse and dynamic blend of lifestyle and commerce opportunities.

Cranbourne West will become known as a leading example of best practice in sustainable urban development.  This will set it apart from other developments and lift the identity of Cranbourne, attracting residents, businesses visitors who place a premium on ecologically, social and economically responsible lifestyles.

What will it look like?

The Future Urban Structure Plan (409kb) demonstrates how the precinct will be developed over time.  It identifies land set aside for a variety of uses, including residential, employment, schools and community facilities.

How will infrastructure be funded?

The Cranbourne West Development Contributions Plan (DCP) has been developed to facilitate the provision of some of the key services and facilities require to support the new community.  Specifically, the DCP:

  • Identifies the key infrastructure and services necessary to support a quality and affordable lifestyle for future residents, visitors and workers to the area.
  • Establishes a framework for developers and the community to make financial contributions towards the cost of the key infrastructure and services identified to ensure that the cost is shared equitably between the various developers and the wider community.

Where can I get more information?

More information on Cranbourne West can be found in the Precinct Structure Plan and Development Contributions Plan.  These documents can be accessed from the Victorian Planning Authority's website.

For any further enquiries relating to Cranbourne West, please contact the Strategic Development Department on 03 9705 5200 or email