Cranbourne East Precinct Structure Plan

Quick Facts

  • Area covered by the Precinct Structure Plan - approximately 589 hectares
  • Estimated number of dwellings - 6,600 homes
  • Estimated future population - 20,000 people
  • Estimated number of local jobs - over 3,000 jobs

Where is it?

The Berwick-Cranbourne Road and Leongatha Rail Reserve, together with Casey Fields, create two distinct Cranbourne East growth areas:

  • The eastern area located east of the Leongatha rail reserve
  • The western area is located to the west of the Leongatha rail reserve.

What is the vision?

The vision of the Cranbourne East Precinct Structure Plan is with an emphasis on affordable and sustainable living, Cranbourne East will be a place where people can enjoy a healthy, quality lifestyle.  This is built on the foundations of a walkable street and trail network with access to public transport services, housing and lifestyle choices, local jobs, local schools and safe, attractive and functional open space areas which offer a broad range of recreational pursuits.

Residents of Cranbourne East will benefit from the variety of features in the surrounding area. These include Cranbourne Town Centre, future Cranbourne East train station, Casey Fields and the Royal Botanic Gardens Cranbourne.

Cranbourne East will have a strong sense of character established on a traditional urban structure comprising a grid of streets defined by native and indigenous street tree planting and walking trails set out along a natural water course.

The physical structure supports community engagement and development opportunities that will encourage local employment, participation in community and recreation activities and contributing positively to the physical and social health and wellbeing of the community.

What will it look like?

The Future Urban Structure plan (961kb) demonstrates how the precinct will be developed over time.  It identifies land set aside for a variety of uses, including residential, employment, schools and community facilities.

How will infrastructure be funded?

The Cranbourne East Development Contributions Plan (DCP) has been developed to facilitate the provision of some of the key services and facilities required to support the new community.  Specifically, the DCP:

  • Identifies the key infrastructure and services necessary to support a quality and affordable lifestyle for future residents, visitors and works to the area.
  • Establishes a framework for developers and the community to make financial contributions towards the cost of the key infrastructure and services identified to ensure that the cost is shared equitably between the various developers and the wider community.

Where can I get more information?

More information on Cranbourne East can be found in the Precinct Structure Plan and Development Contribution Plan. These documents can be accessed from the Victorian Planning Authority's website.

For any further enquiries relating to Cranbourne East, please contact the Strategic Development Department on 03 705 5200 or email