Collison Estate Development Plan

Where is it?

The Collison Estate area is bound by Mayfield Road to the west, Linsell Boulevard to the north, Berwick-Cranbourne Road to the south and the rear boundary of properties east of Collison Road.

When will it be planned for?

Council has undertaken background investigations for future development scenarios within the Collison Estate.  The investigations have been primarily focused on the type infrastructure required and the options for delivery of the associated infrastructure.

Planning Scheme Amendment C220 intended to facilitate the urban development of Collison Estate and came into effect on 9 February 2017. The amendment:

  • Rezoned the land in the Collison Estate from Urban Growth Zone to General Residential Zone Schedule 1.
  • Inserted a new Schedule 22 to Clause 43.04 Development Plan overlay for the land in the Collison Estate.
  • Amended Planning Scheme Maps 11ZN, 11DPO, 12ZN, 12DPO, 15ZN and 15DPO.

Before any development can occur, a Development Plan will need to be prepared by the landowners within the Collison Estate in order to guide the future development of this precinct. The Development Plan must consider a range of issues, including subdivision layout, landscaping, traffic management, public open space, drainage infrastructure, and so on.

Where can I get more information?

Further information regarding Amendment C220 to the Casey Planning Scheme is can be found here.

For any other enquiries relating to Collison Estate, please contact the City Planning on 03 9705 5200 or email