Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Shaping the future of the city.

Casey's Growth Areas

The City of Casey's growth areas are currently at different stages of development. Each area will have Precinct Structure Plans and Development Contribution Plans. These plans set out the vision for how the land should be developed and identify and facilitate the provision of infrastructure for future communities.

Development Plans and Precinct Structure Plans

Development Plans, Precinct Structure Plans, Design Guidelines, Urban Design Frameworks, Incorporated Plans, Master Plans and other Strategies or Policies that guide planning and development in the City of Casey.

New Residential Zones

The Minister for Planning introduced reformed planning scheme zones for Victoria. The reformed zones included three new residential zones and amendments to the existing Township Zone and Low Density Residential Zone.

Introduction of Planning Controls over Significant Trees in Casey

Introduction of Planning Controls over Significant Trees in Casey

Council has identified over 1000 significant trees including River Red Gums, exotic and native trees, Avenues of Honour and culturally significant scar trees.

Casey Foothills Strategy

Council is in the process of reviewing the Casey Foothills Strategy, adopted August 1997, that will guide the future planning of the Casey Foothills area.