Planning Forms & Checklists

Planning Forms & Checklists

Find out the steps involved and the information required to prepare and submit your planning applications

Application for Planning Permit

Use this form when a Planning Permit is required to use and/or develop land within the City of Casey

Application to Amend a Planning Permit

Use these forms to make an amendment to an existing permit which may alter the use and/or development allowed by a permit

Extension of Time to Planning Permit

Use this form to apply for an extension of time in which to commence or complete a development and/or use allowed by an existing Planning Permit under Section 69 of the Planning & Environment Act 1987

Submission of Plans

Use this form to submit plans for when changes to the plans are required in accordance with any Condition of a planning permit already issued by Council. No less than three copies of each plan(s) must be provided.

Objection to a Planning Permit Application

Use this form to object to a planning permit application being advertised if you believe that you may be affected by the granting of the permit.

Request for Copies of Objections/Submissions

This form is to be used when requesting copies of objections to a planning permit application or submissions to a planning scheme amendment request.

Consent to Demolish (Section 29A)

A Demolition Consent (Section 29A of the Building Act 1993) may be required from the Planning department prior to a building permit for demolition being issued.

Planning Permit Information Request

Copies of Planning Permits are available on request.

General Planning Enquiry

Use this form when seeking written confirmation from Council’s Planning Department for general property enquiries

Site Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

This Site EMP Kit has been designed to help you understand council’s requirements for Site Environmental Management Plan submissions

Planning Checklists & Advice Notes

Various documents to assist you in lodging a complete planning application

Application for Planning Consent

Use this form when written consent pursuant to a Restriction of a Plan of Subdivision or Section 173 Agreement registered on Title.