Fast Track Planning Process

The City of Casey has a Fast Track Planning Permit process for developments that deliver on the Council Plan objective and Advocacy Priority to Develop Casey’s Economy and delivers local jobs.

The focus of the Fast Track process will be on Commercial or Industrial zoned land. Developments that improve the viability of existing businesses or create new employment opportunities within Casey will be considered.

Casey is committed to stimulating economic activity, attracting investment into the area and promoting Casey’s competitive advantage through facilitating planning outcomes.

To deliver on these commitments, a partnership approach between Council and the development industry is required. The outcome of this partnership will result in planning certainty and timely decisions. Applications will be determined within 21 days of lodgement subject to meeting certain application requirement criteria.

The following table highlights key actions and responsibilities of each party under the Fast Track Planning Permit process.

 Action  Responsibility

Contact Council’s Team Leader of Economic Development to discuss the proposal to determine if it can be considered under this policy.

 Applicant / Council

If successful you will be contacted by the Team Leader of Economic Development to arrange a pre-application consultation meeting. You will be introduced to a Senior Council Planner who will be your key contact moving forward.


Engage relevant experts; prepare concept plans and supporting documentation.


Pre-application workshop held with relevant parties to discuss the proposal and work through any issues. A checklist of information requirements will be confirmed at this meeting.

 Council / Applicant

Application is finalised on the basis of pre-application advice provided and completed checklist.


Application lodged with appointed officer/ consultant in person so that confirmation can be provided that all information has been supplied.

 Council / Applicant

Weekly progress updates provided to Applicant and Casey’s Director Planning and Development Services.


Application determined within 21 days of lodgement of completed applications.


What applications can be fast tracked?

The following criteria must be met:


Car parking

  • Must meet the applied car parking rate. The rate applicable to the land will be as per the requirements of Clause 52.06 – Car Parking of the Casey Planning Scheme; or
  • If a Car Parking Reduction is required by the Scheme, the application must be accompanied by a traffic engineering assessment which includes a car parking assessment.


  • No statutory referrals are required; or
  • If a statutory referral is required the applicant must provide a copy of the referral response at the time of lodgement with the application.

Public notice

  • The application must be exempt from public notice.

Cultural heritage

  • The application does not require a Cultural Heritage Management Plan to be prepared (and approved) for the site.


  • There are no covenants or restrictions on title that would prevent Council from issuing a permit.


  • Signage may be included as part of the application.

For applications which do not meet the above criteria but would result in improved viability of existing businesses or create significant employment opportunities within Casey, an officer will be assigned to your application to ensure a timely outcome.

Application checklist

An application checklist must be submitted with the lodgement of our fast track planning permit application.

Fast track planning process and application checklist (288kb)

Further information

For further information contact the City of Casey.