Preparing your planning application

Use the Application for a Planning Permit form to apply for a planning permit within our city. Before completing and submitting the form, please read all the information within this section.

Documentation you must provide

Generally, planning applications require the following information, as a minimum:

Please note:

  • Any material submitted with your application, including plans and personal information, will be made available for public viewing. Copies may also be made for interested parties for the purpose of consideration and review.
  • The information needed on the Application for Planning Permit form is required under Section 47 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and regulations 15 and 38 of the Planning and Environment Regulations 2005.

Fast track planning assessments

Your planning permit application may qualify under the VicSmart fast track assessment if it complies with specific criteria.

Talk to us

We’re here to help you with general planning matters. We encourage you to talk to us before you submit your planning application. This could save you time and help you to submit your application correctly.

To talk to the planner on duty:

  • Call (03) 9705 5200.
  • Visit our Narre Warren Customer Service Centre.