Planning Permits

Planning Permits

Planning permits are required for constructing or changing a building, using land in a new way, subdividing land and other building works.

Submit a planning enquiry

Submit a planning enquiry when you need a written response or confirmation from our Planning department.

Do you need a planning permit?

You may need a planning permit if you are constructing or changing a building, using land in a new way, displaying a sign, subdividing land or removing vegetation.

Apply for a planning permit

We encourage you talk to us before you submit your planning application. This will help us to get a clear picture of what you are planning, and could save you time and allow you to submit your application correctly.

How your planning application is assessed

After you've lodged your application it will be assigned to a planner and will go through a number of steps.

Amend an existing planning permit

You may need to make changes to a planning permit that has already been granted, or obtain consent for a variation to the conditions of the permit.

Extend an existing planning permit

You may apply for an extension of time to commence or complete a development.

Subdivision planning permits

To subdivide, you must first apply for a planning permit to develop the site. Once this is granted, your engineering plans can be lodged.

Lodge your engineering plans

There are 4 types of engineering plans. The plans you need to submit will depend on what you are developing.

Talk to our planners

We’re here to help you with your planning questions - talk to the planner on duty.

Forms and checklists

Our most commonly requested planning forms and checklists.

Planning and Subdivision Council Fees 2018/2019

The cost of a planning application depends on what you want to do and which class it fits into.

Other planning information

More information and services for planning permits.