Strategic Planning documents on exhibition

Listed below  are Strategic Planning documents that are open for public comment.  These can include Development Plans, Activity Centre Structure Plans, Management Plans, Master Plans, Development Contributions Plans, Incorporated Plans, Precinct Structure Plans and Land Use Strategies and Studies.

Amstel Development Plan

The City of Casey has received a draft Development Plan for the future development of the former Amstel Golf Course, at 1000 Cranbourne-Frankston Road, Cranbourne. The plan will facilitate a residential development at this site.

Submissions about the draft Development Plan must be made in writing by 5.00 pm Thursday 31 August 2017, to:

Team Leader – Growth Areas and Financing
City of Casey
PO Box 1000

or via email to:

Team Leader – Growth Areas and Financing:

Should you have any queries regarding this proposal, please contact City Planning on 9705 5200.

View the Draft Amstel Development Plan (10mb).

Further details of the project are listed in the minutes from the Ordinary Council Meeting on 1 August 2017. The Preliminary Arboricultural Impact Assessment, Stormwater Management Plan and Engineering Servicing Report are included in the Agenda (PDF), and the draft Amstel Development Plan, Cultural Heritage Management Plan, Flora and Fauna Assessment and Traffic Impact Assessment are available as separate attachments.

Cranbourne Town Centre Structure Plan 2017

The City of Casey has made some changes to the existing Cranbourne Town Centre Structure Plan to bring it into a 2017 context.

The plan now reflects recent changes made to the Victoria Planning Provisions and supports proposed amendment C204 to the Casey Planning Scheme.