About Subdivision

The council's subdivision department handles applications for the subdivision and consolidation of land and the creation, removal and variation of easements and restrictions.

All applications and plans lodged pursuant to the Subdivision Act 1988 must be prepared by a licensed land surveyor. All applications lodged are considered under the relevant legislation, most commonly the Planning and Environment Act 1988 and/or the Subdivision Act 1988, and, where necessary, other related legislation.

If the application is granted approval, and proceeds, there is a change to the status of the land and/or building.  The subdivision process enables development constraints and opportunities to be identified.  It also allows the application to be dealt with in a manner which is consistent with other related legislation and council objectives, guidelines, strategies and policy. 

The Subdivision Process

The majority of subdivision applications require two processes be followed prior to the applicant being able to lodge a 'Plan of Subdivision' (or other type of plan as mentioned above) at the Land Titles Office for the creation of separate titles.

  1. Application for Planning Permit, the legislative basis being the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
  2. Application for certification, the legislative basis being the Subdivision Act 1988.

Subdivision applications involving a development are to be preceded by a planning permit allowing development and use of the site. The subdivision proposal must be in accordance with the development and use permit.

A subdivision which proposes to create a vacant lot will generally not be supported by the council. The council prefers to know how the site is to be developed.  This is why the development and use permit should precede the subdivision application.

Where the proposal is to subdivide existing buildings on a site, a development and use permit may not be required.

We require certain information in order to properly assess your application against the planning controls contained in the Casey Planning Scheme.

To ensure that your application can be processed quickly and efficiently, it is important that all the relevant information is included.

Referral and Advertising

The majority of subdivision applications need to be referred to service authorities.  These include South East Water, Melbourne Water, SPI Ausnet or United Energy, Telstra, Multinet Gas and other authorities such as VicRoads. The council also refers all subdivision proposals to relevant council departments such as engineering, building, valuations and the traffic engineering department. 

Advertising to nearby property owners may be required for any application and must be carried out in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. 

A brief outline of the subdivision process is explained in this Subdivision Application flowchart (215kb).