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Casey has a rich and diverse cultural heritage that illustrates the historic use, development and occupation of the land by indigenous and non-indigenous peoples during the post-contact period.  This history is demonstrated by a wide range of heritage places that include buildings and structures, monuments, trees and landscapes, archaeological sites and places with spiritual or symbolic meaning. 

They have one thing in common:

These are places that are worth keeping because they enrich our lives – by helping us to understand the past; by contributing to the richness of the present environment; and because we expect them to be of value to future generations.

Casey’s key chronological stages with examples of heritage places are:

  • Aboriginal cultural landscape at first contact (c.1835-c.1860) eg.,  Dandenong Police Paddocks
  • Pastoral era and establishing communities (c. 1838-c.1870)  eg., Harkaway German Settlement
  • Selection era and developing agriculture (c.1860-c.1940) eg., Old Cheese Factory Springfield Homestead Berwick
  • Post-war industrial and residential expansion (c.1950-present day) eg., Fountain Gate Estate Narre Warren

For an overview of Casey’s heritage, please refer to the City of Casey Thematic Environmental History.

The Casey Heritage Database is a searchable online database containing information about Casey post-contact heritage places.  Included are statements of significance, physical descriptions, historical information, photographs where available and heritage overlay number.

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Search the Heritage Database.

Examples of searches

  • The basic search function is a keyword search that searches for a name, suburb location or other key word.
  • The advanced search searches more specific fields like Heritage Overlay numbers e.g. HO1 or a Victorian Heritage Register number.

The information in the database refers to Casey’s post-contact heritage and is from a range of heritage studies. It is provided as a guide only. 

Feedback on Casey's heritage database

If you would like to provide feedback on the City of Casey's heritage database, please send an email to the City Planning team.

Photographs of buildings can be emailed through (in JPG format) and will be added to the database if they are accepted.

More information

If you require more information, please refer to the City of Casey's Heritage Strategy or contact the City of Casey.

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