Water tanks

There are very few building regulations for water tanks and in most circumstances you won't require a building permit. However, normal structure requirements may apply to the stand (if necessary) as it needs to be built to hold the weight of the tank. Therefore in that instance Council's Building Department recommend you seek advice from an Engineer, Building Surveyor or product supplier.

One general siting regulation that does need to be taken into account is that if the tank is connected to, or is positioned up against the house, it must be 0.5m away from the property boundary. If this requirement cannot be achieved a siting variation and building permit will be required. This won't apply however to a freestanding tank located well away from the house; for example down the back yard.

Other aspects to consider:

  • The recommended total height of the tank and stand should not exceed 3.6 m.
  • Water tanks installed underground are required to have an engineers design.
  • The installation of the tank must be done by a qualified registered plumber.
  • The tank overflow must be connected to the stormwater system.
  • Be considerate of your neighbours in regards to the placement of the tank and colour.
  • The structure cannot contravene any Planning requirements, check the planning scheme.
  • It must not be built over an easement; unless Council and relevant water authority approval is obtained. 
  • The title or plan of subdivision should be checked for covenants or similar agreements which may govern tanks.

For further information visit the Victorian Building Authority website.