Building permits

What is the difference between a Building Permit and a Planning Permit?

Planning Permits

A Planning Permit is permission for a land use or development and is required if the proposed works or use is included within planning overlays/zones. The Planning Permit often involves referral to other authorities for comment, which may include conditions added to the permit.

It is important to note that building works still require a Building Permit after the Planning Permit has been issued.

Building Permits

Issuing of a Building Permit is the final step in the process to allow the works to commence on site and it contains detailed construction drawings and technical documents to allow the building works to be constructed in accordance with the Building Regulations and associated standards.

It is recommended that a Building Practitioner is consulted if you are proposing to carry out building works. Other than some minor works, all building works require a Building Permit.

Do I Need A Building Permit?

The Building Act requires that a building permit must be issued prior to undertaking building work. A penalty of 500 penalty units for an individual and 2500 penalty units for a company applies for illegal building work undertaken without a permit.

Issuing of a building permit ensures that the building complies with building legislation, including practitioner registration and insurance. It is important that a property owner can provide building permit and inspection details during the sale of a property. Illegal building works can create significant problems during the sale of a property. Furthermore it may also affect the outcome of any insurance claim.

Building Permit Exemptions

Some minor building work is exempt from the requirement for a building permit. To obtain further information regarding the type of building work that may be exempt from the requirements of a building permit please refer to Schedule 3, Building Regulation 2018 for full details.

More information is available from the Victorian Building Authority website.