Fishing at Casey Fields

Casey Fields lake is regularly stocked with Rainbow Trout by the Victorian Department of Primary Industries.  The lake is stocked between the months of April to November generally occurring the week before the Term 1, 2 and 3 School Holidays.

Rainbow Trout are a salmonoid fish that enjoy the cooler weather.  Anglers have reported best results using powerbait which is available at all angling shops.  The fish aestivate during the warm summer months and are subsequently difficult to catch.

 It is important that the lake is kept clean as this will support a healthy fish population.  Anglers can assist the lake habitat by ensuring they clean up all rubbish including discarded fishing line when they leave the lake area.

The new 'jetty' as part of the regional playground will increase opportunities for fishing.

Anglers between the ages of 18 - 60 years are required to obtain a Recreational Fishing License. 

You can purchase this license online by following the link below:

 For more information please contact Sport & Leisure on 9705 5200