Year 7 - Tertiary: Animal Husbandry

This is a practical and informative program that provides students with hands-on interaction and with a wide range of animals. 

Equine husbandry

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe catching and handling procedures, behaviour and group dynamics, grooming, hoof care, determining age (dentition) and evaluation.

Small animal husbandry

PPE, handling and restraint of small companion animals, checking for signs of ill health, animal behaviour, delousing, worming, grooming, water quality, animal nutrition, environmental enrichment, quarantine (why and when) and evaluation.

Facility operations and hygiene

PPE, enclosure design, checking for signs of ill health, environmental enrichment, poultry pests, nutrition, behaviour, safe and practical cleaning procedures, substrate and recycling of wastes, water quality and evaluation. 

Practical handling and husbandry techniques

Occupational health and safety concerns, mustering, large animal handling and restraint procedures, sheep/goat tipping and restraint, checking for signs of ill health, dentition, hoof paring, worming, delousing, ruminant nutrition, debrief and evaluation.

Nursing and management of native animals – optional extra

There are four modules to choose from, including native birds, reptiles, kangaroos and emus.

Wildlife licensing, enclosure design, animal behaviour, catching, restraint and handling, animal nutrition, signs of ill health, environmental enrichment, worming, delousing, quarantine and evaluation. 

Feed the animals - optional extra

Hand feed animals throughout farm paddocks such as alpacas, cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, emus and kangaroos.

Each session runs for 30-60 minutes and can be scheduled or altered to accommodate for your group’s needs.

The program generally runs from 10.00 am – 2.00 pm.*Timeframe is highly flexible.

Cost: $22 per person * GST free for secondary schools

A minimum of 10 students required and a maximum of 30 per day. Teachers free.

Bookings and enquiries: 9706 9944 or email

*Defined under the GST Act as a GST-free education course