Excursion Risk Assessment Information

At Myuna Farm we pride ourselves on our 20 plus years history of delivering hands on education programs to a wide range of ages and abilities. We encourage our visiting education groups to explore the farm with a sensible approach and with the required supervision ratios appropriate to age level and school regulations. For more information on Myuna Farms Education programs, please call Myuna Farm on 9706 9944.

Hazard Location

Myuna Farm, Doveton Victoria

Hazard Description

Child Safety during education excursions at Myuna Farm

Hazards and risk measures

Walking through the grounds/ Lost children

  • It is recommended that all excursion group participants maintain an acceptable supervision ratio for the age group. Myuna Farm recommends the following as a minimum adult to child ratio: 1 adult per 5 students for Early Learning groups, 1 adult per 7 students for Primary School groups and a 1 adult per 10 students for Secondary School groups.
  • We encourage Early Learning and Primary School students to explore the farm while supervised by adults with an age appropriate ratio. 
  • We encourage Secondary School students to explore the farm with a degree of independence where deemed fit.
  • Myuna Farm staff are equipped with communication digital radios, mobile devices and the Farm is also equipped with an emergency horn and a PA system for communication purposes should it be required.

Walking through the grounds/ Extreme Weather

  • It is recommended that sensible clothing choices be made according to the weather.
  • In times of hot weather, it is recommended that students and teachers wear ‘Sun Smart’ clothing such as hats, long sleeves where appropriate and use of sunscreen
  • In times of cold or wet weather, it is advised that students and teachers wear weather appropriate clothes such as enclosed shoes, gumboots if it has been raining, warm clothing and raincoats.
  • In times of ‘Code Red’ weather warnings, Myuna Farm will be closed to the public as per the Emergency Management Commissioner advisory supported by Emergency Management Victoria.

Water Safety - wetlands and Dandenong Creek 

  • Myuna Farm advises that students need to be supervised at the appropriate ratios when visiting the wetlands and the boardwalk.
  • Myuna Farm advises that although the wetlands are shallow water body (a maximum of 800mm deep near the board-walk when it is not flooding) students will require appropriate supervision.
  • In times of heavy rain and increased water height, Myuna Farm and schools will not utilise the wetlands area.
  • Myuna Farm is situated with the Dandenong Creek on its western border. Myuna Farm is fenced from the Dandenong Creek and visitors are advised to remain on the designated walking tracks.

The possibility of bites and disease from captive animals

  • All captive animals at Myuna Farm are quarantined thoroughly upon arrival at the farm and are regularly treated and monitored for health purposes.
  • Myuna Farm rabbits, guinea pigs, lambs and kids as well as various other animals have been well domesticated and are customary with human contact.
  • Myuna Farm has completed a risk assessment on feeding captive animals and advises that feeding should exclude the horses, donkey, ponies and pigs. This is due to the structure of their mouths and teeth posing a risk to hand feeding. Staff will tell groups about the risk on the day.

The possibility of bites from wild animals

As the farm is situated beside a creek and contains wetlands, it is likely that non captive animals will be seen and there is a small chance of encountering a non-captive animal.    

  • In order to avoid non captive animal encounters, remain on the walking tracks and wear suitable clothing such as pants and enclosed shoes.
  • There is the chance of an encounter with non-captive animals such as snakes and other reptiles; so Myuna Farm advises visitors to remain on walking tracks to avoid disturbing the native fauna. Please advise staff if you see a snake on the farm.

Car park

Possibility of accident upon entry and exit of the farm.    

  • Upon arrival at Myuna Farm follow the signed speed limit of 10 km/hr and remain vigilant of other vehicles and pedestrians in the car park.

Pony ride

The risk of a fall or being kicked/stepped on by a pony     

  • Pony rides are contained within a fenced area, only Myuna Farm staff (and one support adult if needed) are permitted within this are where it would be possible to be kicked or stepped on.
  • All students will be fitted with a helmet that complies with Australian standards for horse riding.
  • Ponies and staff will have adequate training to perform the rides in a calm manner.

Train rides

The risk of falling out of the carriage or being run over    

  • The Myuna Farm train ride is a guided activity, each group will have a farm staff guide throughout. The Myuna Farm staff member who drives the train will secure the carriage gates and will also explain the importance of patrons remaining seated with arms and legs inside the carriage at all times.
  • The speed limit for the train is 10km/h.

Child Protection

  • All Myuna Farm staff are compliant with national police checks, where applicable, complimented with valid Working With Children’s checks or Victorian Institute of Teaching registration.

Allergies and health conditions  

  • At the farm students will be exposed to a range of animals, animal products and foods, including dairy products, a range of furs, animal feeds, hay, straw and food products.
  • Myuna Farm Staff are first aid trained and Myuna Farm has first aid packs distributed around the farm including an Epipen for emergencies.
  • However, the Myuna Farm staff does not have access to student medical records; it is the teacher’s responsibility to inform Farm staff of allergies before program begins.

Role of Myuna Farm

Myuna Farm management and employees recognise their role in mitigation or reducing the chances of emergencies that may occur. Reviews of existing policies and acting in accordance with the City of Casey Policies ensure all measures possible are addressed to reduce the likelihood of an emergency.

Role of visiting Teachers

Visiting teachers have ‘primary duty of care’ for the students while at Myuna Farm. Any special needs of staff, students or helpers need to be accounted for by the supervising teachers on the excursion. Myuna Farm staff are equipped with level 2 first aid training however the Myuna Farm staff do not have access to student medical records so please inform Myuna Farm of any severe allergies before activities begin (particularly with relation to contact with animals, milk products and hay).
Teachers are expected to supervise students during the breaks and support Myuna Farm staff with behavioural management. Please feel free to participate in the activities with the students and ask any questions relevant to your current curriculum.


Please see the Access Key created for Myuna farm. The key is designed to assist a wide range of students anticipate what to expect when visiting Myuna Farm.