Year 7 - Tertiary: Environmental Tour

Myuna Farm—a unique learning environment in the middle of suburbia where you can see sustainability initiatives first hand! Discover Myuna Farm and learn about its journey towards becoming environmentally sustainable.

Tour will include the following topics:

The farm from past to present

  • Brief history of the Myuna Farm
  • Industrial agriculture  versus a more holistic, integrated approach to land management  
  • Find out why Myuna Farm (and similar facilities) are a valuable resource to the community
  • The importance of education in driving behavioural change

Environmentally friendly features

  • Sustainable Building Design in the Animal Display Centre
  • Renewable energy at the farm
  • Recycling systems, including compost
  • Water harvest and water conservation

Explore the wetlands

  • Take an electric train to the man-made wetlands along side Dandenong Creek
  • Discuss biodiversity and water quality, then learn how we can improve the health of a wetland ecosystem 

Locally grown food

  • Community gardens and the environmental benefits of locally grown food
  • Organic gardening, companion planting and the importance of healthy soil
  • Soil and it’s role in the carbon cycle


Students: $10.00 per student * GST free for schools only

Adults: FREE (when ratio of adults to students is less than one-to-five)

Additional adults: $10.00

A discounted price will be offered for Term 1 bookings.

Bookings and enquiries: 9706 9944 or email

This program has been developed to meet the needs of VCE Outdoor and Environmental Studies and VCE Environmental Sciences.

The Tour is a maximum of 20 students per group and is facilitated as a 2 hour walking tour of the farm.

*Defined under the GST Act as a GST-free education course