Experience Casey

Experience Casey is an annual one day event that provides the community with a variety of experiences including food tasting, performances and community stalls representing the culturally vibrant and diverse community of Casey.

Experience Casey 2016

The 2016 Experience Casey event saw the premiere screening of a series of four short films that celebrate cultural diversity in Casey and were produced in partnership with a broad range of existing community organisations and individuals.  They demonstrate how our community is connecting with each other, participating in a whole range of activities and building a greater sense of belonging to their local community. 

The themes of the four short films were:

1. Meet - the possibilities of intercultural connection between established Casey residents and new migrants through an arts and cultural program


2. Eat - how intercultural understanding and connections can be achieved through socialising in the home and the love of food

3. Play - how young people can engage in, and influence, sports and youth engagement in Casey.

4. Work - how newly migrant entrepreneurs in Casey are focussing on intercultural connections in the workplace and with the local business community.

If you have any enquiries regarding Experience Casey, please contact the City of Casey Customer Service.