Cranbourne GP Run

The roar of motorcycles and a sea of colour and chrome will fill the streets of Cranbourne on Saturday 27 October at the Cranbourne GP Run. The City of Casey is proud to host one of the largest and most exciting events in Victoria, as thousands of motorcyclists gather in Cranbourne to travel en-masse to Phillip Island for the 2018 Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Date: Saturday 27 October
8.15 am - 11.00 am (wave off at 10.00 am)
High Street, Cranbourne

If you have any enquiries regarding the Cranbourne GP Run, please contact the Customer Service on 9705 5200.

ECM_10917696_v1_Photo GP15-3007 - GP Run - Events Unit - 17-10-201.jpg ECM_10917817_v1_Photo GP15-3213 - GP Run - Events Unit - 17-10-201.jpg

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