Community Digital Event Sign

The community digital event sign in High Street, Cranbourne can be used by community and not-for-profit groups conducting events in the municipality.

Each community digital event sign applicant can apply for one four-week display period per event.

To express an interest in advertising on the community digital event sign, please contact the Events Unit on 9705 5200 or complete the community digital event sign request form .

Community Digital Event Sign Application (276kb)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Contact the Events Unit on 9705 5200 and complete the community digital event sign request form.
  2. The applicant is responsible for providing accurate and complete information.
  3. An application must be received by the City of Casey at least one month prior to the date in which the applicant wishes to display their message.
  4. The event organising body must be based in the municipality or provide services to people within the municipality.
  5. Events must be open to all residents in the municipality.
  6. Applicants must hold current Public Liability Insurance sufficient for the proposed event.
  7. School fetes/events, trivia Nights and/or Auctions for fund-raising purposes are not eligible to apply for the community digital event sign.
  8. The City of Casey reserves the right not to accept or promote any event that could involve the City of Casey in a controversial issue or expose Council to adverse criticism.
  9. Should the applicant or any of its sponsors be regarded as inappropriate under the following, then the application for promotion will not be accepted:
    • An event that is at odds with local government policy directly or indirectly
    • An event that does not meet the community standards relating to "good taste"
    • Any products or services which are at odds with the City of Casey's duty of care, aims or objectives.
  10. The City of Casey will not promote any events associated with cigarettes, sex products, prostitution, illegal drugs, gambling, political parties and/or religious organisations.
  11. In all instances, the City of Casey reserves the right to not accept an application for space on the community digital event sign.
  12. The City of Casey will not be held responsible for the conduct of the event.
  13. The City of Casey will not be responsible for what is promoted, and when it is offered, as there may be signs promoting different events on the same day.
  14. Council officers will select the events to be featured on the community digital event sign from the applications, for the following priority groups (A being the highest level of priority, and E being the lowest), and taking into account previous access to the community digital event sign.

Priority Groups

The following are the different levels of priority; with A being the highest level of priority, and E being the lowest.

A. Council-initiated events

B. Council-supported events (supported through partnerships or direct funding)

Assessed in order of:

C. Community events

Assessed in order of events that:

  • Have the potential to attract large crowds of participants
  • Involve a wide range of local community groups e.g. local arts, cultural and ethnic groups
  • Have demonstrated the ability to host the event
  • Offer something entirely new to City of Casey residents
  • Are accessible to all residents.

D. Council messages

  • Civic functions and openings/launches
  • Important information for the residents of the municipality.

E. Events held outside the City of Casey 

The City of Casey will be responsible for:

  • Advising of success of application or otherwise
  • Designing the signage based on the information provided
  • Sending a proof of the signage to the applicant
  • Creating and displaying the messages
  • All costs associated with the production, installation and removal of the banner.


    The Applicant will be responsible for:

  • Sending through correct information and adhering to the display limitations of the sign
  • Approving the proof the City of Casey has sent to the applicant in a timely manner.


Further information

For more information please contact the City of Casey Events Unit by email or telephone 9705 5200.