Casey in Colour - Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear on the day?

Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. The event will include coloured powder being thrown on runners. The theme of the event is “Back in Black” participants are encouraged to war black t-shirts.

Can I register on the day?

Yes, if we haven’t sold out prior to event.

Please note increase in price:

  • Early Bird Individual: $20 Group of 4: $60
  • Event Day Individual: $30 Group of 4: $70
  • Children aged 6 years and under: FREE

What time should I turn up on the day?

Registrations will open from 2.30 pm. Please allow at least an hour before your wave time to register.  

Do I need to be good or experienced runner to be able to complete the course?

No. The Casey In Colour – Run for YOUth Event is designed for participants of all abilities however it is recommended that children 6-14yrs old to be accompanied by an adult.

Is the race timed?

The Casey In Colour – Run for YOUth Event is NOT a timed event. We suggest self-timing for anyone desiring a finish time.

How old can my child be to enter?

Children under 1 are NOT permitted on the course. Children between 1- 6 are permitted on the course with adult supervision throughout duration of the race. Children 6-14yrs are permitted on the course with an adult present at the event.

Can I bring my scooter or bike?

Unfortunately, due to safety reasons we cannot allow bikes, scooters or skate boards into the event.

Can I run with my dog?

No. Pets are unable to attend Casey in Colour - Run for YOUth event 2018.

Is water supplied?

We encourage all participants to bring a bottle of water with them to keep hydrated. There will be fill up points at the venue for you to top your bottle up as well as water stations along the way.

How is the colour administered?

You will see smiling faces along the course waiting to douse you in colourful powder to ensure you look like you ran through a rainbow by the time you cross the finish line.

What is the colour made from? Does it stain?

The coloured powder we use is made from corn-starch and natural food dyes. It may wash out of your clothes. Only wear what you’re willing to get colourful.

Will the colour stain my hair?

The coloured powder does wash out of your hair. The colour does tend to stick to lighter hair. Oiling your hair before the run will help the colour wash out. We do not take any responsibility for additional costs associated with the removal of colour.

Will the colour powder ruin clothes or running shoes?

The colour does mostly wash out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. We suggest wearing items that you wouldn’t mind getting colourful.

Does the colour powder affect participant’s vision or breathing?

The colour powder used at Casey In Colour – Run for YOUth Event is non-toxic. As with any substance, you want to keep it out of your eyes and our colour throwers make sure to aim low as you pass by.